Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fall 2009 classes start soon!

Time once again for overwhelming feelings of anxiousness and excitement for impending fall classes. This will be my second semester at S.U. working towards my MSLIS degree. This summer, I attended "boot camp" and took 3 classes on campus - IST 601 (Information and Information Environments), IST 511 (Introduction to the Library and Information Profession), and IST 612 (Youth Services in Libraries & Information Centers).

While the summer classes were an intensive on-campus 2 1/2-week session (with much work due before classes started), the fall classes are the more "traditional" 15-week semester online classes. So despite having taken online classes before, I have not taken any classes in this format for this program yet. This adds to my feelings of being overwhelmed as I peruse the syllabi for fall classes - IST 605 (Reference and Information Literacy Services), and IST 663 (Motivation and Information Literacy).

How will I be able to manage 2 classes, a 50-hour fieldwork requirement, and my full-time job? I need to keep reminding myself - How would I eat an elephant? By taking just one bite at a time, of course! This will be my philosophy as I embark on this next semester on Monday.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Check out this corn maze!

Stoughton Farms in Newark Valley, NY has a corn maze each year. This year's theme, I'm happy to say, is book related and based on the popular reading program from our New York State Senator Thomas Libous.

Check it out here:

Senator Libous' Books Program:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Miss those hallowed halls

I have been home from S.U. summer residency for 2 days now and I must admit that I do miss being on campus. Syracuse is a beautiful campus with a rich history of scholars. I enjoyed the sharing with classmates, exchanging of ideas with peers, website suggestions, lunchtime conversations, and knowledge imparted from the professors.

Hinds Hall - Home of the iSchool

Bird Library - S.U.